06 October 2009

What is it? Do we smell??

My demographic can't get no love, it seems. One after another, my favorite magazines are shuttered. First, Bluelines... then Domino*... now Gourmet. GOURMET MAGAZINE, people!

But, unlike those newer magazines, Gourmet has a real history. More than just food porn, it also featured really good writing about food and culture. Plus exciting, spot-on recipes. Cool photography. It was practically the guidebook for America putting down the can opener and waking up to good food. Since 1941! Sigh.

The ridiculous decision to close this institution was announced yesterday. Having spent that day on a plane (and then recovering), I didn't hear the news until today. I was feeding Jacky breakfast while listening to NPR. "What??!! SH*T! No!!!!!! Stupid Condé Nast! Bad Condé Nast" was my response. Maybe something worse. (No, I don't normally swear while lovingly spooning food into the baby's mouth.)

Anyway, what the heck?? Is my demographic really that insignificant or frugal or just uninteresting that our magazines can't be profitable? Having worked at a magazine in the past, I know that it's all about selling ad pages at us, in the hopes that we buy stuff. But, I feel like we spend money (the collective "we"). We buy stuff! We're worthy, dangit.

*On the positive side, if you miss Domino, check out the new, all-online Lonny magazine. My in-the-know friend Kristen says that it's "pretty much the WHOLE Domino magazine team. Plus, Grace Bonney from design*sponge." I just glanced at it this morning, and it looks awfully familiar. In a wonderful way.

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