28 October 2009


...is my birthday. Number 36. I have to say that life is pretty good... I love my marriage, my son, my home, my friends, family, where we live, plans we have for the future. Moments of warm, golden bliss are--happily--frequent around here these days. I try my hardest to soak them up, remembering what to hold tight in my hands and what to let blow away in the wind.

Sometimes, on these milestone days, it's good to stop, sit for a moment and think about where I am. Right at this moment.

So, after writing about life through plants before, I'm trying out another meme (got this one from Chez Larsson), to document where I am today. If I keep this blogging thing up, maybe I'll do it again next birthday.

Outside my window... San Francisco skyscrapers. Old statue-encrusted relics of oil empires... and slick, glassy mid-century towers.

I am thinking... about the 3 heirloom apple trees I just ordered for Spring planting. Pretty, tissue-paper blossoms, gorgeous fruit and lots of baking.

I am thankful for... my son's health. Every eyelash that drifts onto my cheek, I toss it over my shoulder for his health and happiness.

From the kitchen... Champagne and Indian food -- tonight!

I am wearing... my workday uniform

I am creating... children's toy packaging

I am going... to Capitola for Jacky's first Halloween

I am reading... magazines about gardening. It's only October and I simply cannot wait for Spring planting.

I am hoping... for cooperative, coordinated child models this morning.

I am hearing... the soft hush of office air. The calm before the storm.

Around the house... we are happy. Lots of laughter and silly songs.

One of my favorite things... walking through the backyard (AKA construction zone) with Jacky, showing him flowers, pulling weeds and letting him touch dirt, gravel and stone.

A few plans for the rest of the week... celebrate quietly tonight with family, cross a thousand things off my work to-do list, and the ever-helpful Nels is coming on Friday to work on our backyard.

A picture to share... baby legs! I simply can't get enough of 'em.

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  1. Happy Birthday, dear friend. You are a blessing to me. :) xoxo Nancy


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