27 October 2009

pizza of the week

I returned home today from a photoshoot (those are loooong days. But not as long as it could have been--I just missed that nightmare by 5 minutes) and The Mister had made a fresh batch of pizza dough. Hooray! Dinner was decided for tonight, and 6 more dough nuggets were tucked into the freezer.

My Pizza of the Week is a Fall classic, adapted from a recipe in the Chez Panisse Vegetables cookbook. That delicious recipe calls for butternut squash, but I adapted it for some leftover Delicata squash.

  • a brushing of garlic-infused olive oil
  • tiny bit of mozzarella
  • tiny bit of fontina
  • diced roasted Delicata squash
  • Then, after baking add: chopped parsley, squirt of lemon juice, fried sage leaves, swirl of good olive oil... bit of salad on the side!

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