13 October 2009

3 / 11

"hi." this is the typical photo I find on a new camera from Toby. funny man.

Today is our third anniversary, Toby and me. Eleven years together total (eh, we take our time.)

Toby, if you know him, is a hoot. He's the guy with a million stories, he knows why the sky is blue (the real, science-y reason), and he knows his Helvetica from his Comic Sans. He also, turns out, is an incredible father who's a natural at nurturing and making up silly songs. All the good stuff. And, he makes me a big mug of Oolong tea every morning.

He's also a formidable dominos opponent. Which is how we're spending our anniversary tonight. A little take-out, a little bubbly and "nominos." It's our happy-place activity... we've played dominos all over the world: Home... Honduras, Italy, France, Argentina, Uruguay, Palm Springs, Montana, Mexico, Key West, Little Cayman, England, Spain, Australia, etc etc etc. Hopefully, we'll add to this list again soon... with a certain little someone.

the best scuba buddy a girl could want...

new father, going in for an early cuddle...

expert baby entertainer...

see? happy baby!

mmm, cuddles...

and, last but definitely not least... kitchen builder, house fixer-upper, garden-digger... my hero.



  1. only three years? but, as you said you guys have been together forever and so it feels like way longer. plus, so much has happened in those three years! i'll never forget your wedding day - it was perfect in away, right down to the blue heron gracing us with his/her presence. makes me tear up a bit. i'm so glad that you found such an awesome partner to spend the rest of your life with - both of you :) happy anniversary!!!

  2. oops, correction to the above - i meant to say that your wedding day "it was perfect in every way". i truly believe that your parents souls were somehow with that blue heron...like he carried them in some how. it was such a beautiful site.

  3. I totally agree with Kristen.... What a beautiful day that was. I can't believe it was 3 years ago. So special. What a great guy you have. He is a keeper! :)

  4. Thanks ladies! It was so special having you both there... it was a wonderful day for us :)


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