06 October 2009

the weekend, executive summary version

So, we flew to Dallas... (thanks for the airplane tips! We did OK... some happy times, some sleepy times, some teary times... no ear trauma, thank you Nancy :) And people around us actually slept. So, all in all, an OK first plane ride, I'd say.)

Anyway, Dallas. I worked all weekend. Toby and Jacky cruised Target and Whole Foods, played in the hotel room and dodged raindrops. We're beat. So, no big weekend pictorial this week :)

But, there's always pizza! See, people... this is how utterly easy the pizza thing is. We stumbled off the airplane, pulled pizza dough nuggets out of the freezer, took a nap and then got dinner ready in a pinch.

So, I had to post this one because 1) it seems weird; but 2) it was DELICIOUS!!! I had half last night with salad and half today for lunch. Yum.

Kind of a boring photo, but here you go. Try this, it was goooooood.

Pizza of the Week: sauceless, but with a brushing of garlic olive oil... plus carmelized red onion, thyme, fontina, gorgonzola, and walnuts. Followed by the tiniest drizzle of good balsamic vinegar after it came out of the oven.
Yep, nuts on a pizza! With vinegar!
No, I'm not pregnant :)

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  1. So glad the trip went well with Jacky. That pizza... yummy. It sounds as good as a TA's burrito right now. :) Wish I could ship one my way!


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