12 October 2009

the weekend, pictorially

Wow, I skipped from one weekend to another... I had the week off work, and I guess that turned into a blogging hiatus, too. Things have been busy around these parts. Coming off the trip to Dallas, we took a moment to breathe... and then jumped right back on Project Backyard. More trenches were dug, a concrete pad for stairs was poured (complete with kitty footprints--isn't that required?), our beautiful pavers were delivered with about a ton of sand and gravel... later this week, we'll be laying a patio and 50 feet of walkway! Phew. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.


- Act 1 -
Unpacking the bins

Apparently, produce is fascinating to little ones. Either that, or Jacky is trying to tell me he'd like some saxophone lessons... He closely inspected mixed peppers, oranges, lemons, beets, peaches. I tickled his nose with parsley and thyme. More fun than I ever would have guessed.

- Act 2 -
Friday cocktail!

Now that we finally found our cocktail shaker (hiding in plain view, of course) I think I'll institute Friday cocktails around here. Nice, huh?

This week's poison: Orange-basil fancy drink thingy (yep, made that up)
For two, combine in shaker: juice of 3 oranges & 2 limes, couple sprigs of basil (we used plain + lemon basil), 2 shots of light Cuban rum (real stuff! from trip to Cayman Islands), good squirt of raw agave nectar. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into fancy glasses. Garnish with basil leaves and lime slices. TGIF.

- Act 3 -
Pizza of the week

I had a hankering for something simple, so mine was a classic quattro formaggi. As always, half for dinner with salad. Repeat for next day's lunch. Mmm.



  1. Oh, little Pabs had his sexy litle feet in the concrete! How cute is that. Can I come over for the cocktail and pizza? Yummy!

  2. Actually, it's even better, Nance. Pablo's GIRLFRIEND, Bella, left her prints behind. Ooo la la :D She did the same when we poured a new sidewalk out front, too. I think it's her thing.

    Yes, please stop by anytime!!


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