20 October 2009

workday uniform

I'm a big believer in uniforms. (I'm a product of public schools, so I guess I don't have any school uniform repulsion.)

Uniforms make life easy. Now, I'm not talking about those fashion-y people who wear all black every day. Or have a closet full of the same perfect, crisp white shirts. Or Steve Jobs for that matter -- what's up with all the black mock turtlenecks?

I just want a cute, modular wardrobe that I can not think about, and just throw something on while herding a speed-crawling 10-month-old.

Actually, I think my workday uniform is more like an equation:


First, it's all about the tunic...

then, add some of those skinny jeans, leggings, whathaveyou (don't worry, the tunic prevents "overexposure")
then, for Fall, add boots... flats otherwise
top it all off with a cozy scarf...

...and a cute tote bag for your book, lunch, water, stuff

This one's from Hayden-Harnett... it's SO great. I have it in navy, and check out the lining:

so cute it hurts.

SO... classy ladies (and gents)... what's your uniform? Uniforms: thumbs up or down?

(all items, except for tote, are from Anthropologie. Not to say that I shop there THAT much, but I... kinda... sorta..... do. A little.)


  1. Girl... I am a uniform person for sure. I wish my uniform was more snazzy like this. Mine always involves a cardigan and flats. Totally prep. But i bought a pair of boots and skinny jeans that i need to get the courage to rock. It is out of my comfort zone but super cute. Anthropologie......... yummy!

  2. My uniform is the one you have pictured above!


  3. um, i want all that. super cute! i am in need a new uniform, most certainly!!!!

  4. Ooh! Me!
    I'm one of a few options. But they are pretty much the same.
    T shirt (dark or day glow. From thrift store)
    Cut off dickies shorts (tan, black, brown)
    Wrangler jeans (dark blue or black)
    Black low top Vans.
    Dark blue or Black hoodie.
    If it is not one of these combos I am thrown into a panic and have to come home and change. Control!

  5. way, way thumbs up on the uniform. dress over jeans...almost every day.

    it's almost sad ;-)


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