22 October 2009

yay forts!

Two things:

1) How great is our nanny? Not only did she build Jacky a totally cool fort -- especially in a week when he's trying to shake a nasty cold -- but she sent me a photo of the happy little guy to brighten my day at work. I was right in the midst of reviewing child model headshots (don't ask) and there was my sweet little snuggler, happy as a clam. Awwww.

2) Duuuude, he's so obsessed with that wooden spoon. He takes it on walks, to the playground, to meals, to bed (or he tries at least)... etc etc. Nope, he doesn't like binkies and doesn't have a "lovie" or a "blankie." He has a spoon.


  1. Wow. Carrying a wooden spoon around as a companion is just about the best thing I have ever heard. PS- Hi! I'm Max's friend of many years. I've taken to reading your blog. We met probably 10 years ago.

  2. the forts are rad! the girls have a doll fort up right now. the spoon... a great idea, Jacky! it's head won't fall off like H's Queen Kitty. It won't need to be sewn back together many times like n's blankie. It probably won't stink. Great thinking it through, Jacky! :)

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Umm, that is hilarious and quite appropriate that your child loves his wooden spoon :)

  4. Hi Andrea! Yes, I remember you well -- welcome! Thanks for visiting!


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