30 June 2011

guest post at domestic reflections


Howdy! I was thrilled to post a little Summery something over at Jora's blog today, while she's busy being fabulous in Europe.

I (clearly) have Summer on the brain... and the sun is back in SF today! Ahhhhh.

Come visit!

23 June 2011

hot child in the city

On the scorching days, this is how we do it in SF, land of not many swimming pools.

hot child in the city
turning pink. not working, mama.

hot child in the city

hot child in the city

hot child in the city

that baby bathtub just won't quit. bring it, summer! we're ready.

22 June 2011

present for my mama

these words and pictures are a simple wish. they're a very happy birthday to my dear mom, who was once (I like to imagine) a tiny, pink, cherished arrival at the sweet start of Summer, 66 years ago today.

a few things that would've made her smile right now...

gloire de dijon rose
simply a rose

a happy face, a silly game

sweet kitty
a furry friend

sewing on my mom's Elna
her Elna in use

SF beach style
one more day at the beach

mom's sampler
a gift, well-loved

a silly face
a very silly face

found: mom's pincushion
little things, found and cherished

hot lunch date
quiet moments together


21 June 2011

project 365 | 2011 | Week 22

Ugh, peeps. I'm super behind on my 365 posts. Eeek! See what happens when I'm busy chasing Summer? Going to try to get caught up in a jiff. Starting now.


05 28 11
05 28 11 | he's having a baseball moment
Um, a big one.

Sunday pizzaaaa hooray
05 29 11 | sunday pizza
leftover potato & artichoke hash + meyer lemon
Lately, I am ALL about putting lemon on pizza.

05 30 11
05 30 11 | I spy...
a cute little artist with my
mama camera eye.

05 31 11
05 31 11 | testing, testing
color mixing, just like back in Color Theory class, circa 1993.

06 01 11
06 01 11 | and so it begins
Testing out a later timetable for tomatoes this year.
We call it Project Fog Avoidance.
Wish me luck.

06 02 11
06 02 11 | more testing
printing ideas, revising, re-trying

Truck book & uncle max -- what could be better?
06 03 11 | uncle max!
he blew in from Brooklyn,
on his way to surf Mexico.
Not bad, eh?

09 June 2011

summer wish list

[image: kate spade ny]

I'm super overdue on my Project 365 post, but.... warm weather is a time of procrastinating, right? Other things are on my mind. Like Summer. It's coming.

Mind you, right now, it's foggy out my studio window, but the afternoon promises warmth and sun. Yes. I need it.

And so, the daydreaming ensues... You know, like when you were little, when June through August felt so magical? Those long, hot days of bright sun and staying out riding bikes until after dark. For me, there were day-camps and overnight camps, bonfires, mosquitoes, chalk on the sidewalk, beach days, driving home from the beach with the windows down, waterfalls, grassy fields, hot sidewalk, popsicles, homegrown sunflowers.

Last year, I had high hopes of getting Super Serious about Making The Most of Summer. But, last year. Oh, last year. Terrible, depressing weather, if you dare remember. Like wool coats and a scarf in July.

But, optimism never dies, right? I'll just hope for better this year. And make a list.

If SF's Summer (whenever it happens, let's be real) is a bust again, I can always cross a bridge or jump on a long road.


My 2011 Summer Wish List... so far

farm tour
painting outside with Jacky
reviving the ladies luncheon with Kristen... home-grown edition
listening to the sound of bees in the garden
take Jacky down Hwy 1 for a special beach day
draw outside
lots of time at the water table (Jacky)
have a picnic in Golden Gate Park (on a very warm day, please)
ride a bike at dusk
eat cherry tomatoes off the vine
go to a u-pick on Hwy 1 for berries
return to Angel Island (tho I'm nervous it couldn't be as wonderful as this day)
do a local overnight camping trip
set up our composting tumbler
make sun-prints with Jacky
make sun tea
do lots and lots of canning (esp craving homemade ketchup right now)
dry clothes on a line
build Jacky a playhouse outside (-->borrowed from Toby's to-do list)
go back to McLaren park to explore the hiking trails (on a very warm day, please)
plant some bamboo
get a hammock?? (always on my list, as Toby can attest)


And you? What's in your Summer daydreams?

07 June 2011

reinvention, cont.

mural at Argonne Community Garden
mural at Argonne Community Garden
Reinvention. I thrive on it. I need it.

I'm in the midst of it.

I'll be honest: I'm having a really. good. time. I'm making things (or the seeds of new things). I'm learning new tricks, trying new ideas, making long lists of more ideas. Rather than willing the clock forward, I'm now dragging myself away from this new work reluctantly at the end of each session.

But, as anyone else can tell you... Becoming something new is hard. Finding a new foundation of just what it is I do is real work. There are doubts, and there are moments of true spark, and there is the satisfaction of some progress.

Trying ideas, discarding, winnowing, choosing.

new work

No matter what creative area I've attempted (graphic design, art history writing, or this new art-making)... my biggest challenge is not what my hands or mind can or can't do. It's keeping my head pointed in the right direction. A positive direction. For me, in the creative process, there are many moments of elation and excitement... too many ideas to jot down and try out.

But also... if I'm not really disciplined (keep moving, keep moving), there's this sneaky monkey called inertia and doubt lurking in dark corners, whispering, "maybe you really can't... why are you trying this... what makes you think you can..."


But. Most days, I know I can. That's the thing. I have done, and will do again. I guess it's just keeping my head clear and knowing that just showing up and trying is half the battle (or more). Being creative is hard work. Newness is messy and raggedy around the edges. And I'm IMPATIENT. (You too?)


And so... something to share. Something I like:

I found this video via Margaret Roach's blog. It's a TED talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity and PRESSURE. I never felt compelled to read Eat, Pray, Love (should I??) but she's pretty fearless and lovable in this video.

Gives one (me) the courage to tell that doubt-monkey to shut up and just put in the work.

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