22 June 2011

present for my mama

these words and pictures are a simple wish. they're a very happy birthday to my dear mom, who was once (I like to imagine) a tiny, pink, cherished arrival at the sweet start of Summer, 66 years ago today.

a few things that would've made her smile right now...

gloire de dijon rose
simply a rose

a happy face, a silly game

sweet kitty
a furry friend

sewing on my mom's Elna
her Elna in use

SF beach style
one more day at the beach

mom's sampler
a gift, well-loved

a silly face
a very silly face

found: mom's pincushion
little things, found and cherished

hot lunch date
quiet moments together



  1. Happy Birthday Kab. What a lady! What a gift she was. I have a little blue and white dish she gave me in college. I keep it in a safe place since it is one of those "special-don't-mess-with-it" items. Love this post, Blake. I agree that she would love these cherished things.especially that little rascal, grandson.:) Beautiful. xoxo

  2. Aw, Nanny... thanks my friend. We had good times with her when she'd visit SLO, huh. Remind me to check out that dish when we invade your casa in Aug! xoxo

  3. so sweet and touching.
    big hugs to you today (and always) friend.


  4. Oh man -- that CROSS-STITCH! That is the loveliest thing ever.

  5. i love the silly faces. so cute. i'm pretty much into all the things you just listed.


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