09 June 2011

summer wish list

[image: kate spade ny]

I'm super overdue on my Project 365 post, but.... warm weather is a time of procrastinating, right? Other things are on my mind. Like Summer. It's coming.

Mind you, right now, it's foggy out my studio window, but the afternoon promises warmth and sun. Yes. I need it.

And so, the daydreaming ensues... You know, like when you were little, when June through August felt so magical? Those long, hot days of bright sun and staying out riding bikes until after dark. For me, there were day-camps and overnight camps, bonfires, mosquitoes, chalk on the sidewalk, beach days, driving home from the beach with the windows down, waterfalls, grassy fields, hot sidewalk, popsicles, homegrown sunflowers.

Last year, I had high hopes of getting Super Serious about Making The Most of Summer. But, last year. Oh, last year. Terrible, depressing weather, if you dare remember. Like wool coats and a scarf in July.

But, optimism never dies, right? I'll just hope for better this year. And make a list.

If SF's Summer (whenever it happens, let's be real) is a bust again, I can always cross a bridge or jump on a long road.


My 2011 Summer Wish List... so far

farm tour
painting outside with Jacky
reviving the ladies luncheon with Kristen... home-grown edition
listening to the sound of bees in the garden
take Jacky down Hwy 1 for a special beach day
draw outside
lots of time at the water table (Jacky)
have a picnic in Golden Gate Park (on a very warm day, please)
ride a bike at dusk
eat cherry tomatoes off the vine
go to a u-pick on Hwy 1 for berries
return to Angel Island (tho I'm nervous it couldn't be as wonderful as this day)
do a local overnight camping trip
set up our composting tumbler
make sun-prints with Jacky
make sun tea
do lots and lots of canning (esp craving homemade ketchup right now)
dry clothes on a line
build Jacky a playhouse outside (-->borrowed from Toby's to-do list)
go back to McLaren park to explore the hiking trails (on a very warm day, please)
plant some bamboo
get a hammock?? (always on my list, as Toby can attest)


And you? What's in your Summer daydreams?


  1. So many house projects buzzing around in my head screaming "Me first! Me first!"
    But right now just loving that the winter rain has finally stopped, the days are oh so long, and the farmer's market cherries and peaches oh so sweet.
    Have enjoyed following your recent life changes and wish you all the best!

  2. SB feels a lot like SF these days... cold and grey... and if we have a repeat of last year's summer-that-never-was i may just pack up and head towards sunnier pastures.

    your summer list rules!
    i want to build a playhouse, too.
    and by *i*, i mean choo-choo, of course...


  3. Now THAT was a great day. Aw, man I miss you guys somethin fierce.

  4. I hope you get to do all of those things and more! xx

  5. your making me ache for my childhood. you pick was one of my all time favorite things to do as a kid. we used to go out on hwy 1 and out on hwy 4 for all the orchards. are those still there?

    going to go workout, but i'm going to start on my list. it a rough one in my mind, but i think it will be good to write it down.

    here's to weather enjoyed and bounties aplenty.

  6. Desi: yeah, from what I can judge by all the u-pick signs on hwy 1 , they are mostly still there. haven't been on 4 in a while, tho.


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