21 June 2011

project 365 | 2011 | Week 22

Ugh, peeps. I'm super behind on my 365 posts. Eeek! See what happens when I'm busy chasing Summer? Going to try to get caught up in a jiff. Starting now.


05 28 11
05 28 11 | he's having a baseball moment
Um, a big one.

Sunday pizzaaaa hooray
05 29 11 | sunday pizza
leftover potato & artichoke hash + meyer lemon
Lately, I am ALL about putting lemon on pizza.

05 30 11
05 30 11 | I spy...
a cute little artist with my
mama camera eye.

05 31 11
05 31 11 | testing, testing
color mixing, just like back in Color Theory class, circa 1993.

06 01 11
06 01 11 | and so it begins
Testing out a later timetable for tomatoes this year.
We call it Project Fog Avoidance.
Wish me luck.

06 02 11
06 02 11 | more testing
printing ideas, revising, re-trying

Truck book & uncle max -- what could be better?
06 03 11 | uncle max!
he blew in from Brooklyn,
on his way to surf Mexico.
Not bad, eh?


  1. what a great week! I LOVE that shot of you spying on the little dude. Darling! Yay for Uncle Max coming for a visit. Love that kid. Yes, I still think he is a kid. I can't help it. :) xoxo Miss you.

  2. what is it about toddler tummies that makes them so delicious? the roundness, the proportion to the rest of the bitty body? so scrumptious.

    that pizza's got me thinking that i could eat lunch on top of the lunch i just had! yum-mee!

  3. I was going to say the same thing - that lil round tum tum in a tiny tee is PRECIOUS.

  4. Love the fabric you are printing. Looks amazing! And your pizzas always look spectacular.


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