26 October 2009

the weekend, pictorially


- Act 1 -
Early birthday dinner at Chez Panisse

More on this later, but let me just say... wow. And yum.

- Act 2 -
Vining plant reconnaissance at Flora Grubb

beautiful white passiflora

Thunbergia 'Sunlady'

- Act 3 -
Kristen's birthday outing to the Marin Coast

Finally got to visit K's top-secret favorite place, for an ocean-front picnic with friends... and goats and chickens. We'll be back!
(photo: Stephen Somerhalter via Flickr)

- Act 4 -
Time to paint the house

We've done the impossible: two designers have managed to pick three color options with minimal fuss, deliberation, debate, etc. Amazing.

- Act 5 -
The best toys are not toys at all

Take one out-of-use "little baby" car seat... add a silly kid... some faceplants... repeat for laughs!



  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Tell Kristen..happy Bday! And you, my dear, happy early bday!
    Paint colors... we have Cliveden Gray Morning in multiple rooms and love it. It looks grayish in some light and a little green in some light. Glad it is in your top three or four or five????? xoxo

  2. Fabulous weekend! Can't wait for Chez Panisse details.



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