30 September 2009

Flying with little ones?

"Plane? What plane?"

On Friday, our little family is jumping on a plane to Dallas (I have a work thing). Yep, it's Jacky's first plane flight, first interaction with the TSA, first jaunt to Texas, first taste of BBQ (just kidding!), first trip to Hooters (still kidding!).... first everything!

So, in preparation for the 3.5 hours we'll be in the big metal bird in the sky, we've done the logical stuff, like purchased the extra seat for him. We're bringing his familiar pack n play... his familiar food. Favorite books, toys.

Hey parents who've traveled with little ones... any tips? Like "oh, man... why didn't anyone tell me _______ ?!?!" That kind of stuff.


  1. Ok.... I have been to D town so many times, too! With security, don't worry about the line behind you and holding people up. Just take your time... its a lot to juggle. Remember the floor of the plane for him to stand up on, bring LOTS of little things. I actually usually buy a few new little things to pull out of my bag o tricks. DRINK going up and DRINK going down for ears. Bring LOTS of diapers... just in case. Walk the aisles as often as you can. Good luck. Have some yummy bbq for me and S too! xoxo

  2. Thanks, Nance! Great tips. I was wondering about the ears. We'll try to get our fill of Q, for us and for you :)

  3. I always gave my daughter something to eat ( like a piece of peeled apple to suck on) as we were taking off and descending as really little ones don't like their ears popping and a trip that starts with a crying baby often continues for a while and you get flustered too.

  4. Blake, how do you get anything done when Jack sits around looking so freaking cute?


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