28 September 2009

The best sandwich... from scratch!

The best sandwich in the world--my world at least--is a BLT. Hands down. A really well-made BLT with perfect ingredients is truly a beautiful thing. Salty, crispy, mayo-y... all the best stuff.

So, since the best food is often what you make yourself, could you make a BLT totally from scratch? Like, completely?

Well, a whole bunch of motivated people did, for a challenge issued by Michael Ruhlman, of food-writing fame. They cured their own pork bellies, baked bread, grew lettuce and tomatoes, and whipped up homemade mayo. One guy harvested his own salt. One entry was from a kid. So cool!

Check out Ruhlman's posts on the contest rules and the winners, announced today.

Can't wait till we have a garden again around here. I would totally have a BLT for breakfast.


  1. Blake, this is torture. I want one so bad.

  2. Seriously... that looks awesome. I might have add that to the menu this week. All of us are bacon lovers. It has to be super crispy though.

  3. R: that no-name deli on Montgomery has a pretty good BLT! For future (i.e., tomorrow) reference :)

    N: Yum! Wish I could stop by :)

  4. I was just thinking yesterday (while eating one) that a BLT is the best sandwich in the world! I can't say I've ever gone to those homemade extremes, however. :)

  5. Jora, I bet your amazing homegrown tomatoes are a great start, though!


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