18 September 2009

garden inspiration

Back in the days of Domino magazine (RIP... sniff), I was a loyal reader of the Germinatrix blog on that magazine's website. It was funny, well-written, personal and all about cool, modern, water-wise plants.

Sadly, that whole enterprise is no more, but I recently (happily) stumbled upon the post-Domino blog of Ivette Soler (aka The Germinatrix--same one!). She recently posted about her lawn-free front yard. At Chez ST&F, we don't have a front yard, but if we did......

(Also. Check out her recent archive for STUNNING photos of one of her current projects: a beautiful, crumbling, jungle-tickled Mexican hacienda. Really great photos.)

So... What are your garden inspirations?


  1. In the past year or so, I've become an avid fan of Sunset magazine. They've got some really great inspirations for gardening, cooking and traveling! I know that you're already a fan...but, if anyone else out there hasn't caught on, it's worth a look!

  2. Blake you DOLL!
    Thanks so much for the lovely shout out! I am so happy that you are enjoying the new blog - I'm loving it too!
    It is sad that Domino is no more - I miss it so much... it would be great if it could return in another, maybe online form!

    Beautiful blog you have here - you are going on my blogroll immediately!

  3. K: Yep, loving Sunset! I have such fond memories of my mom's copies on the coffee table growing up... some things never change.

    Germi: Thanks for the visit! I'm flattered! Keep up the wonderful blogging.


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