14 September 2009

the weekend, pictorially


- Act 1 -
Friday afternoon: Flora Grubb with Kristen, after a veggie burrito at La Taqueria

Photo is from last time (Kristen and I visit FG almost every time we hang out), but this place never fails to inspire. Bonus are the on-site Ritual cappuccinos and plenty of space to hang out, talk, wander and daydream. (Toby was home with Jacky, so we had lovely "just girls" time.) With their amazing succulents, this place makes me homesick for Southern California. Later this Fall, we will actually be buying some stuff!
(If you haven't been, do! And, try checking out the cool workshops. We're hitting the Agave workshop next Sunday morning.)

- Act 2 -
Thunder and lightning!

Didn't seem to scare Jacky, but woke the big people up. BAM!!! As I snuggled up to Toby and counted the seconds between flashes and rumbles, I was (once again) nostalgic for my Southern California upbringing. We don't get too many house-shaking storms up here.
Image: Friedwater via Flickr

- Act 3 -
Ditch-digging in the backyard

In between the raindrops, we dug a drainage trench up against the house. Sexy, huh?! Kinda something you need on a hill, where all the water wants to run toward the house. Met some neighbors recently who live at the bottom of our hill. I asked them if they had any flooding issues during the rainy seasons (because that's the type of boring stuff homeowners talk about), and they said "Nah, not really -- just a few inches of water in the basement each year. No big deal." Um, yeah. That doesn't work for us. French drain, please.

- Act 4 -
Pizza of the week

Prosciutto with pickled banana peppers.
I know, sounds kind of weird, but it was SO good (but I admit I do like ANYTHING pickled). The salty prosciutto was set off nicely by twangy peppers. Ate half with an herby heirloom tomato salad... the rest for the next day's lunch. Mmmm. Bears repeating.

- Act 5 -
Decor update in Jacky's room

Latest addition to the cutest room in our house: really sweet vintage fabric bunting from madeleinesargent on Etsy... discovered on K.I.D. Collective, via Domestic Reflections. Shown above three prints by Petit Collage.



  1. OOOH, thanks for the tip on the Walter Haas playground. Dana and I have been trying to figure out where to have Tessa's baby shower, this place sounds perfect!

    Fun spending time with you at FG! Can't wait for Sunday.


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