23 September 2009

Yet another good thing about Portland

Besides being the new-ish home to one of my favorite co-workers (hi, Sarah!), Portland is just a cool city*. Just like the whole SF-Oakland tension thing, another constant around these parts is how everyone in San Francisco has dreams of moving up to Portland. You know, the affordable houses, laid back hipsters, local food culture, all the bicycling, beautiful livable city... blah, blah, blah. :)

So, another thing that puts Portland on my radar is Le Train Bleu. I don't know how I got on their mailing list, but I'm not complaining. Check out these gorgeous, cool dresses... they call them very Hitchcock. I concur.

And, this morning, I made a birthday dinner reservation for next month... at the type of place where you have to call exactly a month in advance if you even dream of getting a table (don't worry, I'll blog about it!). I think a new dress may be in order.

*not that I've ever BEEN to Portland (I think I'm afraid I'll like it too much), but I take all this on good authority.

1 comment:

  1. How fun... birthday plans! Those dresses rock and are very snazzy. I too want to go to Portland.I have heard nothing but great things about it. xoxo


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