28 September 2009

the weekend, pictorially


- Act 1 -
Unpacking the organic delivery bins with my little helper

yeah, I like sweet potatoes... don't you??

Hmmm, tastes a little different...

-Act 2-
Pizza of the week

A mix of healthy and indulgent: chopped spinach, red onion, oven-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, goat cheese. (Dang, I piled it on, huh?! It was goooood.)

-Act 3-
Beautiful dahlias

We had a teensy dinner party... flowers are always in order.

-Act 4-
Fourteen years ago...

...my beautiful, selfless, funny and sweet Mom lost her brief battle with cancer. Although I'm not Jewish, I light a candle every year on the eve of her passing. It's one of the best traditions I know of to remember a loved one.

My mom and me, on "our" first Mother's Day. Hands down, my favorite photo ever.



  1. I can't believe it has been 14 years, Blake. I remember that time. So hard. I totally agree, your mom was such a gift to everyone who had the blessing to know her. She was such a special lady... Kab! Loved her. Thinking of you,friend. xoxo

  2. Act 1 - Soooooooooo CUTE!!!!!
    Act 2 - Delicious!
    Act 3 - What fun! You throw the best parties, small and large :)
    Act 4 - I so wish that I could say that I had the pleasure of knowing her. From all your stories I know that she was an amazing lady. I know that she's and your dad are so proud of the amazing mama that you have become. Big hugs and lots of love!

  3. Aw, thanks guys...
    Nance, if it weren't for my mom, I may not have ever met you! Thank goodness for our chatty moms! :)
    Kristen: you and my mom would have definitely gotten along :)

  4. I forgot to say that Jacky makes the exact same face in that photo of you and your mom. The apple sure doesn't fall from the tree - for sure, so cute!

  5. K: so funny! I was always wondering about that expression/pose in that picture of me. Now I totally see Jacky doing it, too... usually, he's reaching for the camera (to put it in his mouth of course). That's probably what I was doing, too :)


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