28 October 2010

Today... 37th edition

Today... is my birthday. 

37, huh? I can honestly say that 37 is starting to sound like a big number. Not in a bad way at all, since I really do enjoy getting older, and hopefully better (!). 37 just has a substantial ring to my ear. 

Maybe it's a line I'm crossing. Do I get to choose what it means? Yes, I think so. It's my birthday after all :)

So, let's take stock and do the Birthday Questionnaire. (Here's last year's, for fun)


Outside my window
... Slanted Fall sunshine. Windows. Other people in their skyscraper perches: sitting, working, talking, eating, reading, daydreaming. (Sometimes sleeping.)

I am thinking... about my Mom. I woke up in the middle of the night, shortly after the time of my birth. I was thinking about her, 37 years ago, in recovery with a new, pink little baby girl.

I am thankful for... Toddler hugs and kisses. In all their random forms. Even this morning's goopy lick.

From the kitchen... My other "baby": natural bread starter. Almost time for some baking.

I am wearing... Plaid with a nipped waist. And my favorite shoes (itty bitty heels), purchased a couple of birthdays ago.

I am creating... Lists, sketches and notes on what I want my future to be like. It may involve change... the good kind :)

I am going... to Tadich Grill tonight for the best cioppino in the city.

I am reading... Lots of book descriptions. I neeeeeeed something new to read. I've been on a reading tear for a few months now (yes!), and managed to get through a pretty sizeable stack. But now I have nothing on my bedside shelf... argh.

I am hoping... to find time and energy to make the important things in life happen. Not just the to-do list.

I am hearing... the tea kettle, almost at the boil.

Around the house... The pitter-patter of toddler feet.  The smell of baking bread.  The woosh of the heater kicking on for the first time this Fall.  Pumpkins.  Sniffles and TheraFlu.  "Meoooooooow"

One of my favorite things... Cold, crisp Fall air. (Wasn't it 90 degrees just 2 weeks ago?!)

A few plans for the rest of the week... Muir Woods with Kristen and Capitola for cousin fun.

A picture to share...

Montana, Summer 2010 :: photo by Toby


  1. Warm birthday wishes from someone here in SF who enjoys checking in on your blog (and bookmarked it after your pizza recipe entered and altered the way we eat on the weekends).

  2. Happy Birthday, Blake! Wishing you all the best this year. xo

  3. Happy, happy day! I love your list. I am right behind you with #37, by the way....


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