19 October 2010

we plan, we cook, we eat.

Meal planning for the rest of the week. 

Tonight, we winged it. Toby has been under the weather, so he went with classic medicine: grilled cheese and Cambell's chicken noodle soup

For me, it was french-y onion soup + green beans vinaigrette from the garden. (Green beans are just now coming on -- weird year.)
// dinner plans //

Wed :: 
Pasta Cacio e Pepe w/Tuscan-style* veg
Thu :: Kale (& ham?) frittata
Fri :: Skirt steak, sautéed spinach & bistro potatoes
Sat :: Lemon-y whole roasted chicken,
fried chickpeas w/chorizo & spinach (UPDATE: perhaps we'll add Mark Bittman's Preserved Lemons on the side. I've always wanted to make this relish. His version is a quick pseudo-pickle, but might be a good start?)

Sun :: DIY pizzas (mine: homemade tapenade + fresh mozz)
Mon :: Taco night w/leftover steak

// lunch options //

Green beans vinaigrette
Turkey meatball & tapenade sandwich (on homemade bread)
Panzanella (yes, still!)
Onion soup
// bake //

Tartine Seeded Bread -- a little birdie hinted I might get a copy of the new book for my bday. This will be a test run, courtesy of Gwynnie. I, too, want to learn about natural leavening.

what are you cooking this week?


*According to Mario Batali, Tuscans love to sautée all types of vegetables in olive oil, garlic, sage and basil. We throw in some lemon juice and call it delicious.

photo via NYTimes.com

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  1. aaarrrrrrrrr. fried chickpeas look amazing!!!!! (sans chorizo for us, but I bet they are delicious either way.)

    PS. the baby's name is just Emry. Master being his jr level prefix. I love the using Master. Isn't it the best?


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