18 October 2010

some days...


Some days you wake up to this. 

Like all those perfect pink puffy clouds are telling you, hey you: some days were meant for amazing stuff. 

Now, amazing is a relative term, mind you.


These days, what I think is pretty amazing is knocking out a monster "have-to-do" and "want-to-do" list during one of Jacky's naps. 

Today, I had unstoppable energy during his snooze. Now, granted, he is a wicked sleeper and his one daily nap is long (I think we're entering the terrible twos a month early... saying "no" so often must tire the little guy out--ha)... anyway, I am usually way too tired to attempt just three of these things during a nap, but I was astonished with my output today.

:: pat on the back ::

If I may humbly submit to the internets for posterity... During one toddler nap, today I:

:: made lunch (sardine salad on flax toast...mmm)
:: roasted sweet potato fries (for Jacky's dinners this week)
:: baked flatbread "chips" (ditto)
:: mixed up roasted red pepper goat cheese spread
:: made tapenade
:: zested 15 lemons and doubled last week's limoncello batch
:: started some smokey chipotle vinegar (for dashing on braised kale)
:: made stewed onions soup base
:: started a new batch of bread dough
:: shaped a loaf of bread to rise
:: drank a cup of tea
:: started laundry

Even tonight, after the usual Monday night house cleaning date with Toby (romantic), I am still amped. What gives? No, better question: what can I do next while this high lasts??!! 

For it surely won't be long........



  1. You go. I was in a codeine coma yesterday. I'm sure you could have gotten a lot done while I was sleeping to.

  2. I miss toddler naps SO MUCH. Quiet time is just not the same. :(


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