12 October 2010

we plan, we cook, we eat.

Meal planning*, weekend-bound...

// dinner plans //

Wed :: Spaghetti Carbonara
Thu :: Anniversary drinks after work... DIY pizzas at home
Fri :: Corralito's Market house marinade skirt steak w/spinach, smashed potatoes
Sat :: Chicken stuffed with mushroom duxelles**, braised cavolo nero, fried leftover smashed potatoes
Sun :: Wild salmon w/veg in parchment
Mon :: Taco night with steak leftovers, rice + beans

// lunch options //

Panzanella with homemade bread leftovers
Stewed onions with marjoram soup**

// always room? //

To me, meal planning is about sharing ideas -- so, what are you cooking this week?


* With a blessing from Jora, the queen of Meal Planning Mondays, our household is going to try some planning of our own. Our normal cooking falls into a usual rhythm--special steak on Fridays, Tacos on Mondays, mid-week carbonara or other pasta--which is a sort of predictability that works for us. Some of the other days, we walk into the kitchen with less of a plan. It's my hope that a little planning will make us a bit more frugal, organized, and perhaps try more of the recipes that I compulsively hoard, I mean bookmark.

** From Well-Preserved by Eugenia Bone -- my current favorite book on preserving and cooking.

tart photo via martha


  1. Yum, yum and more yum! That apple tart looks so stinkin fabulous. You know I am going to make that. Yes, I will! Thanks for your sweet comment, my friend. You make me smile. :)

  2. I have a post from back in May that I never finished on meal planning. I love it. I'm such a believer in getting the week set. Sometimes the work week is so over whelming all I can think about is getting home and making something yummy for my honey.


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