07 October 2010

i snorted in my coffee

Holy macchiato, watch this. It's a trifecta of giggles: I love good coffee, I love this city... and I love making fun of this deadly-serious-about-food city.

Incidentally, I used to have a studio space around the corner from the Hayes Valley BB... so true, so true.


  1. ahahahhahaha. I love it. My brother in law would give me lectures on coffee after he made friends with the folks at Blue Bottle Coffee. I told him one more word and I was kicking him out of my kitchen. That shut him up quick.

  2. oh man the battle sound effects kill me.

  3. LoA: Ha! yes, the BB peeps (and their compatriots) are tres serious. I had some slightly ridiculous interactions at the hayes valley kiosk. good coffee but oh so... so. :)

  4. hahahahahaha!!!!! that is the BEST mockumentary ever.


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