02 November 2010

dreaming of bread

mmm, crusty

Somehow, between reading a couple of books about bread-making and tending a natural starter, I've gotten a little obsessed with trying to make good rustic bread. I'm talking actual dreams about bread starters. And, I don't seem to be the only one. At least everywhere I'm looking, bread is... well, hot. (Sorry. But, seriously, wasn't it ages ago that we were all so carb-ophobic? I like this much better.)

Anyway, by way of an update: as I mentioned previously, I started off with this book. Some loaves have come out beautifully, some just OK. All edible though! Especially with tonight's homemade butter. Can't really go wrong there.

But, I'm still looking for more flavor and the perfect juxtaposition of a tortured-looking crust, and delicate, moist interior. And more flavor. Which led to some other reading. Which led to my hoping to receive Tartine Bread for my birthday last week, courtesy of my long-distance brother. Who asked the actual author to drop a signed copy off at my house. Nice. Thanks again, Max. (And thanks, Chad, for making the walk up our hill.)

Onward with more reading and baking. I'll be baking my first naturally-leavened loaves this weekend. Can't wait.

mmm, crusty

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  1. I've never been carbophobic. The more bread the better! We just made homemade butter a couple of weeks ago. I wish I had some of that bread to go with it! I dream of being a master bread maker. Sadly I'm not there yet!


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