29 November 2010

the turkey is two

Two years ago, on a beautiful sunny, crisp Fall day (much like today), this little man entered our world. Made us a Mama and a Dada, and oh so in awe of how it feels to love a little person so much.

jacky : two

First, we called you The Turkey (near-holiday due date), then it was Mister Man, then Jacky. Now YOU call yourself Baby Tacky.

jacky : two

You give sweet kisses to everyone and everything--pictures of puppies, your cousins' class photos, inanimate objects, vegetables, your new mama-made buddy (above)--AND you drive a mean (toy) jackhammer.

jacky : two

You are our precious, funny, smart and wonderful little guy. Happy Birthday Jacky!


1 comment:

  1. Awww!!! Happy bday Baby Tacky!!



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