07 February 2012

the little things

camping au naturel

I was going to do a mealplanning post--you know, to address what needs addressing--but MAN am I in a rut. It seems we went to the grocery store a bunch of times recently, but all that seemed to come of it was Super Bowl Snax. Which were gooooood, but I ate the last of the guac today. Probably going to need additional sustenance. And, more importantly, recipe ideas... ugh. But, that can all be worked out later.

With a space heater at my feet and a cup of tea within arm's reach, how about we just cuddle up with a quick list of some of my favorite little things right now?

:: The tea: Still sippin' on holiday candy cane tea... I bought a bunch of it over the holidays, worried I'd run out. Got plenty.

:: The life: I love not having to leave the house on rainy days. Sorry, office-commuters. It's made me really love a good, cold Winter rainstorm... which is new.

#febphotoaday #yourview drizzly garden outside my studio

:: The boo-tay: I love that my little dude is happiest when he spends the majority of the day nakies.

:: The awakening: A quick look-about outside and the newly planted raspberries and asparagus are starting to poke little feelers out of the soil. Haven't killed 'em yet!

:: The day bag: Just ordered this beauty from Bookhou's new online shop. Can't wait to get it, as I've been wanting/needing a big, long-strapped bag for, like, ever.

:: The bkgd: OK, so not exactly the latest internet trend, but I still love a fresh desktop background each month. When I sit down to The Machine, my eyes just need something new and inspiring--and most importantly, made by someone else. Lately, I've been visiting Gennine and Shanna for the goods. Got anyone else to check out?

:: The jars: While organizing the basement, I recently found the last jar of pickled asparagus from last year's can plan, plus a whole bunch of homemade hot sauce, jams and spicy pickled kale. Score. You know, all I really want to eat is little snacks... hors d'oeuvres, antipasto, etc. I think I might have found some willing participants.

:: The well: my boy got knocked out on Friday with his second-ever flu. Like before, it lasted just one day. The cuteness of an ultra-cuddly, drowsy, super-needy babe is so strong, but I am incredibly glad when he returns to his spritely, chatty self.

sick baby :(
the chin boo-boo just makes it all the more, huh?

:: The participant: Toby has not only joined in on Instagram (finally!), but he's also doing the February challenge. He's @firetoby if you want to see how the other half of this house does it ;)

:: The products: deliciously smelly oils from Weleda (rose, arnica) + a lovely gift for Winter hands (thanks, Kristen!)

:: The dangler: my work was recently grouped into the coolest Etsy treasury, where I fell in love with this mobile. So rad. Nice company to be in.

:: The herbage: Gayla's new book is out! Yay. That lady got me got me into gardening and I love all her books.

And you? What's warming your toes this chilly February? Or, alternatively, what should we eat for dinner tonight??


  1. Yay Blake on etsy. Super exciting. Poor little guy... I am glad he is on the mend and is getting back to be one with nature. Love that first pic. Darling. xoox

  2. I'm thinkin some meat hand pies. Little mirepoix and beef all sauteed together. Some of that super easy pate brisee crust....mmmmmm.

    That bag is SO COOL, btw.

    1. Oh yes. I love hand pies of all colors and flavors. I have a dream of filling my freezer with a variety of wee little pies. Someday.

  3. yum. those jars definitely are a score! In the spirit of your kale salad, here's a simple dinner we loved tonight (tostadas with jalapeno & lime marinated kale) : http://tinyurl.com/76nl5c2
    The scallion meatball (with soy ginger glaze) recipe from smitten kitchen is also delicious: http://tinyurl.com/7fgr2er
    So glad to hear that your little guy's flu was over quickly, What a cutie. I love the naked phase too. They're so proud of their precious little bodies. I wish we could all feel that good in our bodies--at every age!

    1. Oh Colleen, those two recipes are the type of thing I'm constantly craving. Thank you! Must make.

  4. that picture of jacky and his buns in his fort is the best thing ever.
    naked booties rule!

    and that day bag? i might need to knock you off! CUTE!!

  5. I forgot about your hot sauce recipe. I wanted to try that!


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