23 February 2012

so hungry

in case you're hungry right now, too... this is *exactly* what I want to eat right now.

A pile of these lentil samosas:

A big bowl of Sara's gorgeous, green soup:

Followed by a very dark cup of decaf and one of these mounds of coco-heaven:

Unfortunately, it's just minutes before lunch, blood sugar is low, and all I have are some random bits and bobs upstairs.

Think I'll probably make a variation on this salad, with leftover jerked chicken:

Plus a cup of something dark and a nibble of my favorite chocolate.

What's for lunch at your place??


  1. eeeee! that soup's delish... would highly recommend! love that jacky loves the parm, too. as soon as d sees it come out of the fridge he gets excited for whatever's going to be eaten with it.

    the rest of these items sound divine... mmm! i love food. i really do!

  2. Loving husband brought home burritos from Taqueria CanCun on Mission - after - doing the weekly shopping at Rainbow.
    He's a keeper!
    And those coconut muffins are next up on the baking list...

    1. Ohhh, man. Cancun is a special corner of heaven! Luck out.


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