09 February 2012

get the Knack

OK, so who's engaged out there? Who's registering for all that loot? Who's walking around Crate & Barrel with that magical scanner gun? Ah... power.

Well, not moi. That ship has sailed. But, if I were, I'd be stoked on this new site called Knack Registry. You know, registering for towels and stuff is fine for Macy's, but when it came to more visible (exciting?) home furnishings, I remember being frustrated by not being able to register for really cool, unique, perhaps even handmade things. You know, stuff like you find on... ahem, Etsy.

So, flash back to Renegade. This nice guy named Fred came into my booth and explained that he was starting a registry site for handmade, artisanal stuff. He said he was especially focusing on local, San Francisco-based artists and makers.

I said, sign me up. Think about all the gifts and stuff bought for all the weddings each year. Couldn't hurt to spread a little of that love around to small biz makers, right?

Ah, remember the days when couples would receive three or four fondue sets?

Spread the word to anyone with some new bling on their finger :)

--> My page in their catalog.
--> A 7x7 post from today.

visit Knack

1 comment:

  1. seriously. where was this when i was engaged and registering?! (it's crazy how that seems like a different lifetime ago!)

    rad that you're a part of it... super cool!


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