14 February 2012

in between seasons

This past weekend, I was antsy. The whole house was pretty listless. It was drizzly at times, simply gray at others, then quite rainy as well. We pitched a tent in the living room. Ugh, Winter. We haven't had much depressingly gray weather yet, I realized.

tent invasion. the things we do on cold, gray weekends.

And, it's funny because I spent a very busy Fall just pining for Winter. You know, when projects would be all done and general hibernation could occur. I was burned out on the garden's needs, I closed up the Etsy shop for a month, I sat inside and relished cups of holiday tea and a mystery novel (my first since grade school?). Eventually, I indulged in thinking about the next year. Work stuff, family stuff, garden stuff. No pressure, because Spring was a long way away. Exhale.... sip tea. Nibble on a cookie.

lavender shortbread army from @yougrowgirl 's new book #teatime
mmm, lavender shortbread

But now. I'm antsy. I wish the weather would cooperate... you know, break out of the low 50s. I have a pile of seed packets on my desk. I've been buying plants, I've been working again, preschool applications are being filled out, swimming lessons are being scheduled. The year is beginning.

I'm kinda of two minds, though. The gray weekend was depressing, and we couldn't do much outside except plant a lime tree (Jacky's lime tree) on the deck during a break in the rain. So, I kinda want Spring to hurry up. But, then... do I really? What's the hurry? Once the seeds go in the ground, you have to tend them... so to speak. Maybe a touch more of hibernation lite is just the ticket. There's no rush, I suppose. The year will come.
Jacky's lime
Love this pot.


  1. This reminds me of my journey being a mom... I couldn't wait for the "next season" (school, independence, activities, sports) but now that I am there, I am wishing for those days that Jacky is in right now. I need to embrace the season I am in. But like you said at the end of your post... there is no rush. Sorry to make the analogy. It just hit me. Love you and miss you. xoxo

  2. I was getting so antsy that I couldn't wait any longer to put my seed sprouts in the ground. It's a little early, so fingers crossed it doesn't freeze! On the other hand, I'm quite relaxed about not rushing into summer. If only I could figure out how to extend spring...


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