29 February 2012

wordless wednesday


  1. love this,my friend. All of the cool treasures and then, BAM! there is mi amiga! lovely.

  2. I love this picture. When I was a kid my best friend's dad traveled to Japan for work. He would bring us back little presents. I think he cemented my love for Japanese design and all things tiny. Anyway, he and his wife had this all white, very 80's front room that we were not allowed to enter. In that room they had these black laquer cases with all sorts of carved stuff and Japanese Dolls. The cases were on the edges of the room. When I was tall enough I would stare at everything in there. Stuff behind glass. It still gets me.

    1. HI Desi, sounds like an irresistible room. What a great memory. You would love my in-laws' house (which is where this photo was taken). Lots of ivory, daggers and tribal masks. Now imagine 8 grandsons (ages 3-13) let loose in there! :0


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