10 March 2011

the can plan, 2011

Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself. I'm a big planner, with big aspirations... that sometimes I follow through on, and... sometimes I reserve the right to change my mind. Or, move on to my next obsession. (My husband is nodding right now.) Anyway, my own personal philosophy re: planning versus not is pretty simple: if you want shit (ahem) to happen in your life, make a plan. Better yet, make a list. Am I right?

So, for today's list: I like canning. I haven't done much of it, but what I've done was fun. And delicious. I also like the idea of it, the industriousness of it, and the sturdy, steady, sensibility of a shelf or, hey, a pantry full of edibles. My problem is (probably because our survival doesn't necessarily depend on it) that I sometimes, well, forget to do some canning when that special something is in season.

Well. Time to get organized. How about we make a list. This list is derived mostly from my two current favorite canning books:

:: Canning for a New Generation, Bold Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry / Liana Krissoff -- I love this book for its seasonal organization, sheer volume of recipes (tons), the charming southern perspective on the recipes, and how cool and fun the author--an Athens, GA-based mom, writer and cook--seems. She blogs, too.

:: Well-Preserved, Recipes and Techniques for Putting Up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods / Eugenia Bone -- This book comes at canning from a distinct Italian perspective, which I love, love, love. There is so much good here, and it's not just canning recipes: it's frozen soup bases, oil-preserved bits of yum, and lots of dishes to make with your stash. Oh, she blogs, too.


The (Ambitious?) Can Plan, 2011

Preserved lemons (hopefully in-law's Meyer lemons)
Meyer lemon & rose marmalade
Grapefruit segments in mint syrup

Pickled asparagus
Strawberry & lavender jam
Spicy carrot pickles
Radish pickles
Marinated baby artichokes

Tomatoes: Whole
Tomatoes: Passata (put through a food mill)
Tomatoes: Salsa
Tomatoes: Ketchup
Raspberry preserves
Blackberry [something] -- jam? syrup? suggestions? we'll have BBs for miles again.
Spicy pickled beans
Zucchini pickles
Apricot-vanilla preserves

Hot chile jelly
Pickled greens
Spiced apple butter
Honey fig jam w/sesame
Tuna or salmon -- really.


OK, that was a little embarrassing. I do get a bit ambitious...

So, let's be like old-timey neighbors swapping canning tips: do you do it? what do you like to put up?


  1. I'm volunteering for canning duty! Especially if that means that I can actually gain the confidence to do it myself :)

  2. Kristen, it's a date! That sounds like so much fun.

  3. dude, we're so same-same you and me.

    i need to get my buns in gear with the canning... you're ahead of me.
    and i admire the ambition!

  4. Blake, I would love to invite myself over as well. Perhaps I can take a few photos while you do it one day. I've been wanting to see someone else can. Is that weird that I'm inviting myself over? You should have a canning party. ;)

  5. Sarah... I am smiling! A canning party? Yes! You are very much invited! It'll be good, messy fun. I should put a plan together :)

  6. Here's another one that didn't post my comment. Grr...

    I got into canning a few months ago. It's a bit tedious but worth it! I'd love to come to a canning party. That might make it more fun. Great idea!


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