17 April 2011

project 365 | 2011 | Week 15

04 09 11
04 09 11 | your cocktail
enjoyment guaranteed

04 10 11
04 10 11 | blue tower quest
we see this tower out our breakfast window (see here in the distance)
and one day Jacky requested a visit. why not?
it was fun to visit our blue friend, but we also discovered
the second largest park in SF besides Golden Gate (I swear, we do get out).
Lots of trails and a water dog swimming pond. Cool.

04 11 11
04 11 11 | back away from the sprayer
he may be dangerous, but he washes his own lunch

04 12 11
04 12 11 | hot day motivation
some days, I might do too convincing a job of soothing
that boy down for his nap. I'd like to crawl in, too.
cold caffeine sends me outside to dig, dig, dig.

04 13 11
04 13 11 | swaddle me!
the nurturing saga continues.
we've moved on from the nursing pillow
to his huge stack of swaddling blankets.
wrapped up in two, he looked more like
The High Priest of Cozy.

04 14 11
04 14 11 | jasmine & blackberries
one smells oh-so sweet, the other has a blood-lust for conquest.
me, i'm just hoping for jam.

04 15 11
04 15 11 | strike a pose
"we put on aprons and hats.
we do some WORK."
have work ethic, will succeed, my boy.


  1. Love your week in photos. Jacky washing his lunch. Oh my. I can't wait to get my hands on that boy... next week! Are you ready for the crew? I'll call you this week.xoxo

  2. Good thing your starting him working young. My Mom and I were just discussing the fact that she didn't start us working young enough. It's too shocking to go from nothing to cleaning the bathroom.

  3. Desi: this boy cannot be stopped. His favorite thing is to CLEAN. I have to be real: this can't possibly last through his teens! (or can it)


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