04 April 2011

project 365 | 2011 | Week 13

03 26 11
03 26 11 | What he ate
My boy eats peas & beets. With gusto!
Pinch me.

03 27 11
03 27 11 | I'll take one of those
Talkin' tools with multi-monkey attire.

03 28 11
03 28 11 | Run, toddler, run
I heart the SF Botanical Garden.
Thankfully, so does he.

03 29 11
03 29 11 | Final week of grind
Thanks to Dana, I am constantly humming this song all week.
(Now you can too!)

03 30 11
03 30 11 | Cloud-watching
Sometimes, it's enough.

03 31 11
03 31 11 | Last day
I was going to show a sad, stark pic of my empty work desk.
Since my boss (now friend) surprised me with lunch
at one of my favorite restaurants -- let's go with this,
an unexpected view from my last day at work.
So much fun. Delicious meal I can't get out of my head.
Thank you, Robin.

04 01 11
04 01 11 | The 2nd best day ever
The best day: last year, when our street was torn up
and replaced by heavy machinery. In one action-packed day.
Holy truck-loving toddler heaven.
This was a distant second: a delivery truck came,
full of beautiful wood for the next project.
More on that later.


  1. Hi Blake -- I only know you through your blog, but thought of you as I was reading the new magazine/journal Where Women Cook. Have you seen it? They have an ad in there for something called Farmgirl Sisterhood. Think girl scouts for grown-ups with badges won for gardening, cooking and crafting. I know you get a charge out of many of those things.

    You are capturing such beautiful moments in your son's life through your photography and musings. What a gift this blog will be for him in the future. Looking forward to seeing the lastest in your back yard. We are recently inspired on our property (in the foothills of Central Cal), finished our garden on a somewhat challenging slope and now completing a cool and simple tree fort for the kiddos (at least I think it is cool). Have a good week and happy work/life transition!

  2. i feel like i say this every time:
    but, dude. we're sooo similar, you and me... which *i* will take as a big compliment thankyouverymuch!
    and so are our boys - minus the beets and peas part... at the moment.


  3. Hi Elenor -- wow, thank you so much for the recommendations. WWC looks really interesting, and I can't tell you how much Farmgirl Sisterhood resonated with this ex-Girl Scout. A former colleague (who was also quitting with me) and I were saying that we needed some work badges and a "flying up" ceremony (if you speak Girl Scout). Thanks for your sweet thoughts on this blog-thingy here! I'm having fun doing it, and like that you like it. Where in the Central Cal are you? I spent 5 years in SLO, and bet you have lots of gardening fun. My garden update is coming soon!

    Hi Sara: Big hugs to you! And, just for full disclosure, my kid won't eat a few super, super obvious things... so we take what we get! xoxo

  4. Hi Blake,

    We are in Three Rivers. "Gateway to the Sequoia National Park". or at least that phrase makes it sound like a more happening and desireable place. Actually, we really love it. It is perfect now. . . but the summers are HOT! (Think typical central CA)


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