06 April 2011

making me happy

exploring | ocean beach

In this strange, wonderful transitional time, I'm trying to keep my balance by clinging close to what I love and embracing the new. Lately, I've been loving:


strong, healthy bodies | this week, we're working on a new workspace for my future whathaveyou. actually, toby has been at it since last week. he's feeling pummeled, but the work continues. next week, I'm digging up an extremely unruly part of the backyard. i'm so thankful we can lift, drill, bang and dig.

new routines | if we're running a little behind in the morning, so be it. we make the rules. everyone's happier.

bulk beans from scratch | what took me so long? lately, a tender, perfectly cooked RG Cannellini is just so wonderful. thankfully, Jacky agrees.

slugs | or rather, LACK THEREOF. Mercifully, the slug army has changed course. things are growing and we are eating them. rather than the slugs and their nightmarish midnight feeding frenzies. ugh!

wee wee in the potty | nuff said, right? we're not "there" yet, but on the way. ce-le-brate good times, come on.

the beach | a little before our season, but why not bundle up and lounge in the sand a bit? we found the perfect dune-top perch on Monday. with a bulldozer nearby. heaven, obviously.

snuggling "nursing style" | our particular toddler is a bit hot & cold on giving big crazy, luxurious snuggles... some weeks, no way. this week, all the way. and, J has recently been interested in babies who nurse. human babies, animal babies, etc. while he no longer partakes of the special mama product, his current interpretation of "nursing" is getting cuddled up (with long, gangly legs), cradle style and being sung to. Hey, he's 30+ pounds, but it works for me. Co-zee.

tiny, baby potatoes | just steamed. maybe a little aioli.

sourdough starter goes viral | there's a passage in one of the Little House books where Laura tells a neighbor who's not familiar with keeping a starter: you just feed it with scraps when you bake something, and it's always ready for you. (to grossly paraphrase.) I've been baking bread with my starter since last October, but have only recently used it in pancakes and even muffins (was running low on baking powder--it worked). I keep thinking of trying it in pizza dough, which is a natural fit. but, I hate to tread on Toby's speciality and "fix" something that ain't broke. but, I do love my little bowl of hungry micros.

lavender & chamomile oil | base oil from this recipe. just the thing to rub on a tuckered out little dude after a bath. heavenly. (gahhh, when's my bath?)


What about you? What's making you smile?

exploring | ocean beach


  1. Love your new routine. Love it. Snuggles. I'll take them however I get them, too. Happy to see your transition is going sssmmoooooth. xoxo

  2. I've been traveling nonstop, so the one thing that has been my biggest source of peace is my garden.

  3. reading this makes me smile!

  4. Congrats Blake!!! So excited for the new chapter. I hope you're having another baby. ;)

    Also, as you can probably guess, I too was a HUGE little house on the prairie fan when I was little. I desperately wanted to live the homesteading life. We're doing what we can, aren't we?


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