21 April 2011

baby tree, do we need to have "the talk?"

gravenstein apple flower buds

Or is it too late.

Um, garden nerds, please rally. (Others: my apologies.) I'm not sure whether to be ELATED or worried. My two-year-old "baby"--the espaliered Gravenstein--is trying to make babies. Aaaaaahhhh!

First, look how beautiful they are! Wow. How did I miss these pretty little buds on my prized apple tree?? The mother is always the last to know.

But, really... should my baby be trying to make apples so soon? I wasn't expecting anything like this till next year.

Ohhhhh.... but aren't they pretty. I love Gravenstein apple blossoms. I'm only growing this tree because at our last house, a neighbor's neglected tree hung right over our fence, sharing with us gorgeous blossoms and delicious fruit (I wasn't shy). I love this variety. (and it's endangered, did you know?)

Really, I am kind of over the moon at the prospect of progress towards real, true apples (and pies, tarts, etc). Have any of you grown apples before? Is this normal? I may check in with the grower, since they were so helpful with my initial selections.

Maybe this is a silly plant geek rant... but such a great example of how it may look like I know what I'm doing, gardening-wise... but the truth is, I'm so very much just finding my way and hoping for the best. Like the rest of life, right?

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