11 April 2011

project 365 | 2011 | Week 14

04 02 11
04 02 11 | flower spike!
it's hugely long, and cuts across the top of the stairs outside.
but i'll happy duck around this pretty sign of Spring.

04 03 11
04 03 11 | hmm. where to begin.
Something like: The fire pole scene from The Fire Cat
meets broken hard hat, meets a layered jammie mood.

04 04 11
04 04 11 | back to bread
In my final work week, I was exhausted
and took a week off baking. Nice to be back. 

04 05 11
04 05 11 | Toby's big undertaking
18 sheets of Latvian Birch.
8 days locked away in the garage/wood shop.
(3 with my help, I might add.)
Awesomeness is imminent.

04 06 11
04 06 11 | Schoolhouse ROCKS
I'm pretty firmly in the No TV for Youngsters camp,
but I'm finding I'm so OK with the occasional video
about the Mayflower or conjunction junctions.

04 07 11
04 07 11 | new garden station
one of the smaller projects Toby's working on.
perfectly sized for my seed-starting rig.

04 08 11
04 08 11 | his breast friend
he wants to wear it, lay on it, have me wear it
have me read books to him while wearing it
cuddle with him "nursing style" while wearing it
we are nurturing central


  1. I love these pictures. I'm so glad that they are going to keep on coming. BTW the layered pj look all mine.

  2. okay, i'm so intrigued about the imminent awesomeness!

    love the pics, as per usual...


  3. I love love loveeeee that first photo. What kind of flower is that?

  4. hahahaha! oh my gosh, that picture of jacky slidding down the dining room table leg is priceless!!! (Well, all of them are, but this one just made me laugh out loud)

    PS - thanks for the sneak peak on the big project

  5. Hi Kim - that flower spike is from this succulent. I can't find the name but maybe you've seen it around. The spike is about 4' long -- amazing.


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