13 April 2011

inspired at home

It kinda snuck up, but we've been living in our "new" house for 2 years this month. Dude. We bought the place about 7 months before moving in and had some pretty major construction/changes done (new kitchen, bathroom, earthquake retro, new deck, foundation fix, lowered ground level floor, etc etc). Then we moved in and did more ourselves (built retaining wall and garden framework, home office, garage build-out)... but there is still SO MUCH more to do. It's kind of overwhelming.

But, now my time is more flexible... and I'm kinda in that transitional time where I can knock out some nagging projects before buckling down on what's next. So, naturally, little lists are compiling in my head. Here are a couple things. And, of course, give me your ideas if you have some! Need ideas.


1. Backyard. This week, I'm digging out (or trying to) about 1/3 of our backyard. (J's nanny calls this type of thing "accidental workouts"--my favorite kind.) It's a huge weedy spot that has been forever earmarked as the "necessary" lawn (for the bambino). Never mind that we live across the street from a HUGE park, playground and open space. Tellingly, that project hasn't gotten started in two years. Then, Toby was leafing through a recent Sunset magazine (yeah, I was (pleasantly) shocked too) and he looked up and said, "why don't we just do this instead?" See below. Forget the lawn, we're making a cool gravel courtyard/patio/hangout zone. But, first, I must dig. I'm SORE already.

images: Sunset

2. Custom Woodworking. As his muscles recover from last week's big cabinetry push, Toby (thankfully) remains interested in building beautiful custom wood pieces for our home. When the new Dwell mag arrived today, we were both salivating over the below image (pardon phone pic... we're feeling lazy and I hurt: see item #1). He suggested replacing some of our current bedroom furniture with some cool custom piece. I say yes yes yes, you go husband.

3. The Dining Room. Do you use yours much? Us, sometimes but not enough to make me stop thinking there has got to be a better use of this space. True, Jacky has a cute little craft/drawing table tucked in a corner, but for months now I've been day-dreaming of a library/family drawing/reading room like Amanda's beautiful (ex-dining room) library. I just love it. Anyone else re-invented their dining or other room? I need ideas.

Beyond this, we have a 3rd/guest bedroom & bathroom to build out, my new studio space to finish, setting up the composting area, plus some other unruly garden spaces that need taming. Oh, and maybe knocking some walls down some day. All in good time, right??


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  1. Love all of your inspiration photos. Now we need to see some actual before shots! :)


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