02 August 2011

we plan, we cook, we eat

omg fig and walnut smello heaven... incapable of smart words
walnut & fig multigrain bread

Meal-planning for the week

I've been thumbing and cooking through Kristen's copy of Gwynnie's cookbook, and this week's eating reflects it. So, are you into her book? To be honest, like many, I initially rolled my eyes all the way around my head when I first read she'd written one. Why? I don't know. Reverse snobbery or something. Or residual, built-up annoyance at some of her GOOP newsletters. All those vegan cleanses, "lifestyle tips" and "everywoman" $1000+ shoes.

But really. If I'm honest... 1) she's cooking real food for her kids; 2) yeah, there are way too many celebrity cookbooks; but 3) one thing I find more annoying than celebrity cookbooks is when famous people perpetuate the myth that cooking is hard or only something you have a personal chef load into your kitchen each week.

So, the book. I like it. Most of the recipes are for basics or fancied-up basics, but they're generally good versions, made with real ingredients and love. My only beef is a tricky visual one: the food is good and interesting, but just as you kind of relate to the idea of Gwyneth as this nurturing earthy mama with genuine ideas about food... smack! a staggeringly sparkly, glamourous, magazine-y photo of the actress reminds you that this is a celebrity cookbook. Which is fine. It is what it is.


Monday | Taco Night with home-cooked black beans

Tuesday | Whole roasted fish* with garden chard and broiled polenta* wedges

Wednesday | Spaghetti Limone Parmeggiano* with garden fava beans

Thursday | Chicken Enchiladas (using shredded chicken from stock-making*)

Friday | Steakhouse Dinner Night


Fridge- & pantry-stocking:

walnut & fig multigrain bread
home-cooked chickpeas
miso dressing*
chicken stock*
chicken salad (from stock-making)


* from My Father's Daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow

1 comment:

  1. yummm-meeeee!

    i've been meaning to get her book, too.
    at first, i was like: meh, don't need it.
    but i think i really do need it!


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