20 August 2011

reunion jams

So, tonight is my 20th high school reunion in San Diego. We're going. Have you gone to any of your reunions? Oh, I'm so ambivalent about them. I kind of don't care--this is going to sound pretty jerky but college was way more me than high school--but then I get nervous before these things (why, I don't know).

We went to my 10th and it was kinda meh. And that was before people were saying meh. I naively thought it would be like the day after graduation. Not as if people hadn't changed--because everyone had, in wildly different ways--but that the whole graduating class would be there. It was a kind of random turn-out, which was unexpected. I think lots of other people were nervous, too.

I decided I'd probably give it one more go, with the 20th.

Now, however, there is the Facebook. I already know who's going. I know how many kids they have and what they had for lunch yesterday. Mystery, what mystery. But, the turn-out looks better this time. And, I get to hang out with this lovely lady. Nice.

So, even though I'm more of a college-nostagia person, certain songs take me back to high school. Driving home from the beach listening to 91X, thinking about life, the future, and maybe certain boys. Just driving around a lot mainly. Ah, southern California.

Here we come.


  1. Mine is tonight too! but in Rhode Island and I'm not going...didn't go to my 10th either. I'd like to be there tonight--just to see--

  2. i'm hoping for post-reunion details!

    i didn't go to my 10th... my 20th is in three years... i'd consider going this time, i think.

    and dude. such samesies with the music taste - past and present!! love it.



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