04 August 2011

big boy farm quilt progress

farm quilt progress

Friends, today my brain is as foggy and misty as the weather outside. Perhaps it's a good day to share some progress on Jacky's Farm Quilt for his future big boy bed. (Ah, bed. Let's crawl back in, shall we?)

I started this in Lake Almanor (along with a good book, this is a happy-making type of vacay project) and wrapped up the six blocks of animals on linen the other night. It was kind of bittersweet: progress is good, but it was such a relaxing post-dinner craft, and I really liked learning to embroider. Granted, I'm still learning. If the welfare of the human race depended on my being able to make a French Knot, we'd all be in trouble (but what a great movie plot! ha). But, the stitches I do know how to do, I love.

Remaining: a seventh block with J's name and date (or something like that) on it. I'm researching fonts and layouts... which, if you care about fonts, you know: this can bog a girl down. The rest of the quilt blocks will be other shades of linen, printed with slightly more graphic farm-themed (haystacks, bees, windmill, etc) patterns. I'll show you when they're out of my head and on the fabric :)

For now, meet the menagerie.

farm quilt progress

farm quilt progress

farm quilt progress

If you missed the earlier mention, this farm quilt project is from the super book, Embroidery Companion by Alicia Paulson. Love her blog, too.

Do you guys embroider??


  1. holy cow, blake. these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! we need to have a crafting get together so you can teach me all that you know :) what an amazing gift for jacky. you are such a good mama!

  2. Very sweet, Blake. It looks great! What a fun big boy bed Jacky will have.

    Bringing back memories. I used to be quite the cross stitcher. I think my mom still has a set of pillow cases I made her. Still have a box of thread tucked away somewhere…

  3. oh dear.
    this is adorable beyond all adorableness...

    you are the raddest.


  4. my family has a half made quilt that is in this vain. the embroidery is botanical plates. my great grandmother started it and my grandmother has it. when my grandma asked my what i wanted when she passed i told her that quilt, but finished. i don't think she's been working on it though;)

    btw those pancakes on your next post (it came through my reader already) look amazing. i want them NOW.

  5. Desi: that quilt (to-be?) sounds incredible. I hope it gets finished someday, by someone. Maybe you??

  6. omg, that is an epic project blake! And it's looking so beautiful so far. I can't believe you are making each square yourself. It's nice to have a long term project though, isn't it? Low pressure, relaxing, creative. I would like one. But sadly my after dinner project is the computer.

    OVER IT.

    one day i will make nice things again.


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