28 August 2011

vacation: check!

We're back! Phew. We had a wonderfully fun, Summery time in San Diego... we visited great friends, road on a boat, drove a surrey, ate more tacos than you want to know about, experienced the marvels of I-5... etc. I have a proper vacay post brewing, with lots of photos. But, to tide you over... let us speak more of photos.

My new antsy-passenger activity for road-trips: iPhone photography with the nifty Camera+ app. Miss Jora found out about it from the lovely and talented Kim, and clued myself and Desi right in. Was I bored on I-5? A little, but then I just started snapping. I tell you: Camera+ makes random clouds and desolate landscapes look verrry sexy.

Back soon!


  1. i know (camera+). I'm kind of in love with it right now.

  2. yay! so glad you had a great time!!

    oh, and camera+!!
    a new addiction...


  3. Camera+ is the perfect accompaniment to IG. Glad you like it! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.


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