29 July 2011

at the table

It's where life is lived. And where I fall in love with this little boy a little more each day.


  1. Glad you posted about this...we're going to buy a new dining table and chairs. Thinking maybe the portica from room and board but still undecided on chairs. Curious about what you've got goin on!

  2. R: totally feeling you. I have furniture fever right now (re-do living room please?)... in the dining room, we actually have the Portica! with the cement top -- love it but we rarely eat in there. For chairs, I found some midcentury repros on Overstock -- might want to check them. So excited about your new place :)

    S: thanks lady! if anyone knows cute, it's you :)

  3. cement, huh?? is there another name for it on the r&b website? didn't see it listed. mike likes the white glass top. i like the idea of cement!

  4. dude. overstock! l see some eames-y lookin bad boys on there...thanks for the tip.


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