14 July 2011

Renegade: what I bought

So, the drive back from the lake wasn't too, too bad on Saturday (made it back before (everyone's) naptime--yes) so I rallied for a Sunday morning outing to Renegade. Yay!

Last year, there was a small fire the day I went, but this year, the excitement was all in the wares. And the people... I met some very lovely people. Which is one of the things I love best about Renegade: there's a little hipster posturing here and there, but most everyone is super friendly, authentic, and will enthusiastically talk process and general art-making. Makes me happy. (Just between you and I: I hope to sell stuff at Renegade some day.)

So, wanna see what I bought? This haul is funny to me: I wandered around picking up this and that semi-impulsively, but the net is such an accurate picture of where my head's at right now: linen, geometrics, linen, hand-drawing, nubby textures. And linen. Yup.

Renegade 2011
(clockwise from top left) Small Planter, The Ranch Design Group;
Tribal Brooch, Voz Clothing and Art (I think--no branding on the pin, oops);
Linen Coasters, Erin Dollar; Linen Napkins, Linea Carta;
"Small Abstract Orb" ink drawing, Erin Dollar;
"Stuff" linen zipper pouch and linen iPhone cozy, Jen Hewett.

Renegade 2011
I especially love this drawing by Erin Dollar. It's original art, not a print, which I love.
Plus, she was such a sweet person to talk with.

Renegade 2011
I had a bit of an itchy wallet freak-out at The Ranch's booth.
Seriously, if you also dig earthy 70s-style ceramics, get thee to their website and check it.
I love their stuff so much. Still freaking out.

Renegade 2011
Another really sweet person, Jen Hewett. I think this iPhone cozy is just so darling.
And, somehow, I really like teal again.

Renegade 2011
I have visions of rockin this one all Afrika Bambaataa style. Rad right? Ha.
Actually, I'll probably just pin it on a bag and call myself cool enough.

Renegade 2011
And, linen. I cannot resist. Especially dinner napkins in a borderline obnoxious (in a good way!)
color palette. I will always say yes. Plus, the designer, Diva Pyari,
was also very nice to chat with.

Anyone else go to Renegade? LA is this coming w/e!


  1. omg.
    consider me obsessed.
    love your picks!!
    (and pics)

  2. did you know that i'm friends with Diva? we should include her on the invite list!

  3. K: no I didn't know, but totally not surprised! You, my friend, know everyone :) great idea!

  4. i just realized that i only commented in my mind... great finds. i love that planter. i want it.

    on my last trip to la i had an epiphany regarding my home style. i turned my kitchen bright when i moved into my current house because of the 1940's tile, but i'm such a earthy 70's girl. i miss my old nor cal kitchen. it's just more me.


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