07 July 2011

just like jane and lizzie

Is anyone else out there a huge Pride & Prejudice nerd? Kristen, I know you are. You turned me into one. But, anyone else?

Dumb question, I know: it's awesome. The book is magnificent... but what I'm really talking about right now is the BBC adaptation. I'm such a nerd for it.

The costumes, the music, the manners, the sly put-downs, the Colin Firth.

Kristen is really the one who got me hooked on the 6-part miniseries when we lived together, and one of the scenes we both liked best is a small, simple one: when Lizzie and Jane have come in from a Summer day harvesting lavender and other herbs and they're having Important Girl Talk (proposals, mansions, the like) while they hang pretty bundles of herbs for drying. Of course they've been wearing bonnets and have on  delicate floral dresses (if memory serves), and they brought their haul in with perfect English baskets. Sigh.

Last week, as I hung up the masses of herbs I had to harvest before departing (they were taking OVER), I couldn't help but smile a sly smile. Just like Jane and Lizzie.

herb bunches
sage, thyme, lemon verbena


  1. um, seeing that P&P image made my heart LEAP for joy. i wish i could go home and watch it right now!!!

    i also have to admit that i totally thought of that scene when i went to check on the garden this week (all looks great on that front by the way—and i picked some peas, HOLY COW! Fresh-picked peas are my new favorite!!!) and saw the hanging herb bundles. hahahaha!

  2. If you haven't seen it already I highly recommend the most recent Masterpiece Classic version of "Sense and Sensibility".

    Also, the movie adaption of "Persuasion" from a few years ago will always be at the top of my "watch-it-again" Austen list.

  3. dude, i am almost too mortified to type this but i've never seen the BBC adaptation... i've been meaning to watch it for about ever now! not too sure what the hold up is!!

    but the semi-recent remake with kiera knightly is a favorite... the art direction, sets and clothes (to say nothing of the dialog which, of course, rules) are incredible.


  4. K: yes, fresh peas are the best, right? try em raw!

    rosekraft: I have a lot of recent Masterpiece to catch up on (Kristen is the ultra-reliable watcher), so I don't think I've seen that version of S&S. Did you catch the recent Emma? Made me a fan. The colors, for one thing... perfect. And I'll always be a Persuasion fan.

    Sara: get thee to a TV pronto :) With about 6 hours to kill... totally worth it!


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