04 July 2011

a taste of home

must haves

Maybe some of you are in the same camp as me: some of my favorite types of vacations are not in interesting or decadent hotels (though I will take that). They take place in rental homes or flats. Toby and I have done this a few times, including Barcelona twice. It can be a little more complicated: shopping for food (which I love), cooking (which I love), sleeping till whenever (pre-kids)... or maybe being awoken by water flooding in from the upstairs flat (Barcelona. Really. My high school Spanish was tested.).

Anyway, our current trip falls in this category, although the in-laws have rented the place (no complaints). We're staying in a pretty lakefront house about 4+ hours North of SF. It's be comfy and relaxing. But, you know what's the icing on the cake? Bringing a taste of home.

Because we can pack as much crap into our car as we want, along with wetsuits, embroidery projects, magazines and books, we've toted some homemade bread, pickled asparagus, granola and meyer lemon/rose petal marmalade. Also not pictured: homemade pesto and the best batch of yogurt I've ever made. (I need to post about it.)

We also volunteered to make a couple meals: Taco Night (our Monday usual) and Pizza Night (Toby's making a batch of dough at the house).

Should be delicious and fun. What about you? Do you like cooking & tending while on vacay? Or are you firmly off the clock? :)

PS: Happy Fourth!


  1. I LOVE to cook when I travel! I brought granola too and made pizza, soup, homemade bread, a huge meal for 17 people while I was in AK... Cooking is off the clock in my opinion. :)

  2. Kim: wow, 17 people. Impressive! But not surprising ;) Cooking is definitely fun time for me, too.


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