19 July 2011

pizza | sun, stripes & pesto

pizza: baby summer squash, sungolds & pesto

Remember pizza? It's been a while. This one incorporates a few of my favorite things: sungold tomatoes, stripey baby pattypans and really good homemade pesto.

mkt day

On Sunday, Jacky and I triked down to our local farmer's market to fulfill his (ok, our) berry needs. Plus, beets and whatever else we found.

It's the first year that our little hood has had a market and I try to go as much as possible so it'll be back next year. Being a small market, I kinda figured it would be populated by the usual suspects (basic fruit & veg). You know, good but not wow.

Wrong: we bought cardoons! interesting red mizuna... dandelions... red baby bok choy. There are flower vendors, pastured eggs, good fish... fronds laden with fennel pollen.

And I realized a major gardening error this year. I have a handful of different squashes (summer & winter) growing out back, but didn't plant any pattypans. You know, the flying saucer-shaped summer squashes. I love those guys and we ate a lot of them last year. I think was silly and thought I was sick of them. Woops.

Well, I bought some instead. The tiniest, cutest, stripiest little babies.

To the pizza they went. Well, two of them.

pizza: baby summer squash, sungolds & pesto


Sun, Stripes & Pesto Pizza

basic pizza recipe + homemade pesto* + shredded mozzarella
+ thinly sliced baby pattypan squash (2) 
+ handful of sungold tomatoes (halved)
+ sliced red onion
drizzle with olive oil, especially exposed dough. sprinkle with salt.
bake per recipe.
slice and devour.


pizza: baby summer squash, sungolds & pesto

* Any interest in my pesto method? It's kind of a no-brainer, but I have to admit I used be to stumped by making really good, fresh-tasting pesto (versus: gloppy, dark, bitter pesto). If so, I'll post, b/c tis the season!


  1. um, yeah. pesto post, please!

    (ps: that picture of the mister on his trike? kill.ing.me. so cute!!)

  2. I don't think you are capable of making a bad pizza! ;) They all look spectacular.


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