18 April 2010

project outdoor room: update!

Update from the department of outdoor decorating. Project Outdoor Room is moving along swimmingly -- stuff is being picked out and purchased. Furniture is being assembled. Plants are being potted. Plans are moving forward. We've had a bunch of really nice weather and completion can't happen soon enough.

In advance of the "final reveal" -- yes, we've been watching way too much HGTV -- I thought I'd give you a nice "before" shot or two:

project outdoor room - before

Silvery redwood city, huh. Not too much going on yet. This is the 7' x 25' deck that we had installed before we moved in. Even without any nice furniture or decor, it's added so much more usable space, right off of the two bedrooms on this level. It gets lots of morning and mid-day sun, and actually kind of cooks up here on hot days. Some shade is definitely needed.

So, I'll be wrapping up Project Outdoor Room really shortly. To be honest, most everything is now in place, and we've been testing out the new arrangement (tough job, but...). So, tune in soon for the final look at all the changes! 

For now, here's a little teaser montage of the new look for our favorite new room:

project outdoor room - sneak peek

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