04 March 2010

i want a fabulous outdoor room


So, we're living in a new home. A cute 1930s house with a 2009 deck on the back. In the remodel process, we converted the windows in the two bedrooms into sliding doors, and put in a 22.5' x 7' redwood deck. It's heaven out there: warm, with a view of the whole yard.

The space isn't really working as a destination, though. The problem is that, since Toby and I are both in visual fields, we both have definite opinions about home decor. Some dudes don't care about this type of stuff, but not my dude. (Actually, let me back up: this isn't really a problem. Toby and I can speak "visual" with each other and it works.)

The thing is that we are each opinionated, but we have different priorities. Toby is toiling away in the garage, making some beautiful benches for our lower patio (photos soon!). But, I am currently longing to turn our new but naked upper deck into a fantastic "outdoor room." Toby thinks this is nice, but it's not high on his to-do list. Since we kind of do "design by committee," we often end up in home decor inertia.

So, I'm taking the bull by the horns: Introducing PROJECT OUTDOOR ROOM. I've never really designed a home space in such an organized, focused fashion. I'm granting Toby veto privileges, but I'm hoping to push this project through to completion before Spring really hits.

I may be deluding myself, but this sounds fun! I do mood boards for work, so why not for home? I'll set a budget, do some research and sometime soon... voila. Fabulous, tranquil, stylish... and outdoor. Stay tuned...

See above for some of my initial thoughts and quick web-scavenging. Ideas/suggestions?


  1. Oh I think you should Call Jamie Durie from HGTV, have you seen his show? Amazing "outdoor rooms" truly amazing!

  2. In homage to your San Diego upbringing, I think you need a chiminea.


  3. Katie: Ha! I love that show... enough, apparently, to borrow the show's title! Do you have his number? I'm afraid I may have to go the DIY route :)

    Rebecca: Thank you -- how could I leave this out?! Major duh. Toby knows how much I lust after chimineas. Although I think I may have to put it down on the paver patio. Don't want to burn the deck down before its first birthday.


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