07 March 2010

pizza of the week: first asparagus!

first asparagus 2010

Asparagus is here! We got a screaming good deal last week on a pound of thin, young spears... so we went for it. Spring is here, I don't care what the calendar says. They weren't the prettiest ever, but they made a fantastic pizza ingredient.

I'm not sure what got into me with the basketweave motif. Perhaps it was a pure design decision: it's a law of nature that long and thin stuff likes to be placed in a pattern. And prosciutto only helps. Or, perhaps I wanted to see how far I could make Toby's eyes roll back in his head (mission accomplished).

This pizza also includes one of my favorite cheeses: ricotta. It's milky, mild, Spring-like and a great foil to meaty asparagus and salty prosciutto.

asparagus prosciutto pizza _ after


Asparagus & Prosciutto Basketweave Pizza

Start with basic pizza recipe. Chop one clove garlic and steep it in extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes. Roll out your dough and brush with garlic oil. Reserve garlic. Sprinkle oiled dough with a small handful each of grated mozzarella and gruyere cheeses. Snap woody bottoms off of 6-8 spears of thin asparagus and slice lengthwise (for quicker cooking). Thinly slice a couple of prosciutto pieces, in a corresponding width to the asparagus. "Weave" the asparagus and prosciutto together on the pizza, laying strips over and under neighboring pieces. Spoon a few dabs of whole-milk ricotta cheese in and around the spears. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes and reserved garlic. Spray toppings with olive oil (we use a Misto) so they cook properly. Lightly salt the crust and cook according to basic recipe. Slice and enjoy.


asparagus prosciutto pizza _ before

asparagus prosciutto pizza _ slice


  1. Yum!! This combination sounds so good. I love ricotta too. Going to try making some this week...will let you know if/how it turns out.

  2. Great idea, Jora. I've only made cheese (mozzarella) a couple of times. I've heard h-m ricotta is super delicate and wonderful.

  3. this looks delicious and love the way it looks with the weave!

  4. This looks fabulous! I love the ingredients and that you gave thought to the way you placed the toppings. Of course, I'm in the middle of a vegan diet, so sadly, I can't make it right now. :(


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